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Adding a user to a project with a URL

Enable the "Available by access code" option found in the project attributes screen.

Now you create a general link.  Go to Anytime Evaluation >> Invite Participants and select the "General Link" tab.

  1. Check the E-mail, Name, Password fields accordingly.  You usually only need the email address field which you can use as a unique ID to link between the external site and Comparion.
  2. Copy the generated "Invite link" to the clipboard. (show below)

If you log out of Comparion and paste that new link, you will be prompted to enter the fields you checked.

Now append the following string to the URL and replace the values inside the <> (remove the brackets) with the following value:
So for example, let's say you had the following information about a person that you wanted to add to an existing model in Comparion.
name:             Some person1
password:     someperson1pass
Your login link would look like: person1&password=someperson1pass